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The following information is aggregated from Here is a forthcoming innovation to Native Instruments Traktor Pro series. – Lee Scollo


Innovation Remix Decks

Remix Decks are the latest TRAKTOR innovation, letting you select from up to 64 loops and one shot samples per deck. Any of the four decks in TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 can be switched to be a Remix Deck Each Remix Deck offers four different Slots (columns), ideal for arranging sounds and loops by instrument groups e.g. different drum, bass, percussion loops. Play one sound per column – a total of four samples at any one time. Use loops from the included sound content or import any loops and sounds of your own Develop your own unique trademark sound and build a personal arsenal of sounds by live-capturing your favorite loops while DJing.


A New Way To Perform

The stylish multi-color pads and ergonomic faders make TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 the ultimate controller for a Remix Deck. Any sound or loop can be assigned a specific RGB color, either in the software or via the controller A Remix Set™ is the combination of 64 loops and one-shot samples and their respective beat grids and BPMs – stored and loaded just like a regular track in the browser Control the entire Remix Deck via Native Scratch timecode control with vinyl or CDs – or scratch using the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4/S2 jog wheels. Each Remix Deck has its own transport, sync, and tempo master controls.


Deep Control

To add more flavor, you can choose which slots are fed through TRAKTOR’s FX units, or even play samples in reverse The Punch mode allows for instant switching between different loops in one instrument group, in perfect phase – switch from one drum loop to the next exactly on the 2 and 4 snares Additionally, the Remix Deck quantize can be set to different values for full control of the musical phrasing.



Improved BPM Detection

Rewritten tempo detection for improved accuracy, developed from analysing thousands of tracks from various genres New “downbeat” auto-detection improves auto-beat-gridding and phase recognition Convenient analysis options when importing files to your collection – set the tempo range by BPM Much improved BPM detection on tracks with variable tempo, (such as “live” drummer genres) – now detects average BPM Rewritten Tempo-Tap – instant and simple realignment anytime your tracks drifts away from the grid over time Manually adjusted grids, (and all BPM-locked tracks) keep their position and tempo from previous versions.

Compared To Traktor Duo 2

If you’re using TRAKTOR DUO 2 or TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2, you can update for free to TRAKTOR PRO 2.5. This gives you a whole batch of amazing new features to play with on top of the new Remix Decks and improved beat detection (see above for more details). Four fully assignable effects units (instead of two fixed ones), and two effects modes – Group and Single. Also includes 26 additional effects Now offers the Loop Recorder, for recording live loops from any channel In the internal software mixer, you’ll now find an assignable crossfader and the addition of classic filter types Now possible to customize and store software layouts and deck details – e.g. display a beat counter in deck header Sync with MASCHINE and other performance tools Addition of internet broadcasting

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