TechTribal – The Drum Train

Artists: Chris Costanzo, Leon Blaq, The Slippery Fox & Monthly Guests
Title: TechTribal Presents: The Drum Train
Genre: Tech, Tribal, Techno


“Born from the depths of a small musty basement, a gift from both the Gods & Ghosts of the underground.

The Drum Train will be departing from Track “C”…With the pounding of sophisticated drum beats bringing a sound that rattles your soul and the deep thundering bass lines that will shake the pictures right off your walls. Play close attention to your conductors as they distort the boundaries between Tech, Tribal and Techno to bring you TechTribal. We ask that you please find your seats and settle in for an hour-long journey deep into the underground…

All Aboard!!”

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  1. Alejandra says:

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