Philippe Leroy – The Minimal Techno Chaud

The Minimal Techno Chaud
Time: 12pm est.
Artist: Philippe Leroy
Title: The Minimal Techno Chaud
From: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Genre: Minimal Techno

If I had to define my relation to the music, I would refer to something my mother told me when I was a baby.
She told me that every day in my cradle sometimes closing my eyes I used to move my head from the left to the right.
I seemed “hold” by an internal music, that I was the only one to hear.
I like very much this memory it makes me smile because it symbolizes for me all the importance that mus
ic takes in my life.
It is part of myself, I can breathe it since I am child, hearing, playing, and experiencing everything in relation with the sound.

It was very difficult to impose this passion as a vocation in my family. Being themselves more attracted by painting, they would rather expected me as painter and sculptor.
So, I had first to wait to get more financial independence to manage at the end to express myself through the music.

I did it in 2000, separating me from my country France, coming here in Tenerife, en San Telmo, in the south of the island.
I create and open my own night place to work as a DJ.
Since then, close to my friend DJ Coco, I open and trained myself to this new dynamics of expression.
After few years, I was “fed up” to feel myself locked in one only place, even if it was mine, I felt curious to experiment other musical lands.

I left my position and started to play in different underground clubs and for private events in the island till now.

Because : WEandMUSICareTextures

Now i use only “the third generation” like Traktor or VirtualDj, this technology increase my creativity…making new textures sounds, always two tracks playing at the same time…

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