Pablo Artigas – Individual Identity

Pablo Artigas – Individual Identity
Day – Saturdays
Time: 4pm est.
Artist: Pablo Artigas
Title: Individual Identity
From: NJ/NY
Genre: Trance/Progressive/EDM

INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY – is a two hour weekly show hosted by DJ/Producer, Pablo Artigas. It is based out of the NJ/NY area, and it broadcasts to a global audience through! Individual Identity attempts to bring people together through Trance, Progressive, and EDM, and also features guest mixers from all around the world to showcase their talent; hence the name of the show.
Individual Identity was launched exclusively on in January of 2013, and has been going strong since then. Pablo Artigas’s vision for “Individual Identity” is rather simple; play trance and progressive for the trance lovers, and have guest mixers play their unique sounds to accommodate their audience.
On Individual Identity, Pablo Artigas gives his guest mixers freedom when submitting a guest mix for the show. Their mix can be any genre of Electronic Dance Music. So far, the genres of music submitted by guest mixers for “Individual Identity” that have aired on the show have varied anywhere from Trance, House, & Techno. We here at Individual Identity, continue to look forward to this diversification of music through our guest mixers in the next coming years!

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