Linda Leigh – Spinthesis

Linda Leigh – Spinthesis
Day – Mondays
Time: 9pm est.
Artist: Linda Leigh
From: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Techno, Minimal, TechHouse, House, etc

It all started when I pause/edited mixtapes for my aerobics class in the 80’s. Since then I’ve been fortunate to Dj in a variety of settings – raves, lounges, basements, forests, radio (FCC license), internet, clubs, all kinds of bars & independent spaces, coffeehouses, rooftops, art exhibits, etc! Building my performance based on the situation making its sound unique and special is how I approach each opportunity.

Collecting records, all kinds, is my passion! But, digital is a kind mistress.
I had a radio show called “These Technotic Times” for several years at WTSR – The College of New Jersey (and an Internet version of the same name for a bit), and did an online & email zine for a couple of years called, “The Technotic Times”

The archives of it and the many, many reviews are online at Netcast, one of the first major net broadcast companies contracted me to provide three weekly shows in the genres of Techno, House/Breaks, and Experimental in 1997. That was followed by a return of “These Technotic Times” on
for over two years. Spinthesis was the next net show as part of Massive Groove in Ny from 2007-2010.There was also a series of shows on at Grooveradio.
Currently, I can be heard on right here on Mondays 9pm-11pm ET.

You can hear me live in Philly at the Liberty Bar Fourth Saturdays and various places in and around the city – check my website for an updated itinerary & more.

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  1. Digo Delgado says:

    GURL!! I’m loving this right now.

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