Fernando – The Order of Sound

Fernando – The Order of Sound House Music Program
Day – Wednesdays
Time: 9pm est.
Artist: Fernando
Title: The Order of Sound House Music Program
From: Chicago, IL
Genre: Tech House, Techno, Deep House
Link: theorderofsound.com

The Order of Sound House Music Program a weekly syndicated radio show by Fernando. Produced and recorded at OS Muzik Radio Studio Chicago. The TOS House Program features the latest Tech House music and occasionally ventures off into the realm of anything from Techno to Deep House.

A Chicago dj who’s roots go all the way back to the early days of House music. He became aware of the House sound in 1985 listening the mixes of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralpi Rosario, Kenny Jammin Jason and others on the radio. He began buying records at first just own the songs but a year later had his pair of 1200’s. As House music evolved in Chicago the rise of dj’s such as Bad Boy Bill and Julian Jumpin Perez had the most influence on Fernando and his style of mixing. During the next three years he had won numerous dj battles and spin offs to be considered one of the best dj’s on the south side and west side of Chicago. He had developed a large following and performed 4-5 times a week at various large scale private events and other clubs for the next 10 years straight. Within those social circles he is legendary. He is most noted as being the top dj at one of the toughest clubs in Chicago to perform at, the infamous Typhoon’s. As the hay day of the original house crowd faded so came the rise of the rave era. A new generation that looked forward leaving behind the past. Fernando walked away for a few years but the skills and urge to mix remained. In 2003 he resurfaced back on the scene armed with hard techno and once again won several dj spin off competitions. Fernando mixed under the alias of Aquarius and has performed at venues across the US, Canada and has had his mixes played on the radio in Germany. As the rave era died out Fernando transitioned to Trance music and has returned to his roots in House music. The sound Fernando delivers has come a long way.

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