DJ XNet – XNet Sounds

DJ XNet – XNet Sounds
Day – Thursdays
Time: 4pm est.
Artist: DJ XNet
Title: XNet Sounds
From: Puchheim, Germany
Genre: Techno

DJ XNet has been playing records since 1995. He has currently been concentrating mostly on Deep House, Electro, and Space Disco, but keeps an ear out for other styles such as Techno and Tech House, as he finds the real fun comes from continually mixing different styles in creative ways. For the past 13 years he has continued to be a driving presence in the German music scene, with appearances at festivals, clubs and bars and web radio stations around the country. With his side project “Soundfreaks” he did some releases on Anthony Rother’s Datapunk label. The project achieved German national TV coverage when they played guerilla gigs on German subway trains.

For XNet, DJing is the only one out of a series of creative endeavors that he has never grown tired of. Despite nearing two decades in the business, he continues to get a charge each and every time someone responds to the music he plays, whether it is a packed dance floor or just one guy in the corner at a bar nodding his head. As long as there is an audience, DJ XNet will continue to spin records.


It’s Time To Begin by Xnet on Mixcloud

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