Dj JrKiss – The Jerkstore

Dj JrKiss presents — “The Jerkstore”
Day – Monday (start your week groovy !)
Time – 4 – 6pm
Artist – Dj JrKiss
From – Eugene, OR
Genre – Tech-House (…and all around)

The Jerstore show began back in late 2008 on The next phase of “The Jerkstore” will be and will feature a new format with the first hour consisting of. The weeks new releases, Beatport exclusives, and constant remixing done by yours truly Dj JrKiss (and as always live). The second hour will be a hand picked classic set from Dj JrKiss archives, but no matter what time you tune in you will hear “That D.F.N (Dirty.Funky.Nasty) stuff”

Happy Head Bobbing….. and by all means hit me with some feedback !!!


Dj JrKiss (A.k.a John Perry)
Raised on Cape Cod, Mass. Moved to Poughkeepsie Ny in 1995 and that where it all started (Love of the electronic beat !!!) that is !!
Spent many of the previous years following band such as the Dead and Phish around the country. (been to 49 states) I guess that’s where I first really understood the power of music on a large crowd and the true meaning of the word VIBE !!

When I moved to NY I just started going to clubs and raves then shortly there after got involed to promoting and then running my own compan in NYC. I spent years litteraly hundreds if not a thousand parties on the stage being three feet away from the best Dj from around the world just watching and learning, thinking in the back of my mind what can I learn from every Dj I watched.(and honestly thinking I’d never be one !!)

The end of 2000 I through my last rave and started to play with producing music and putting together live sets with Ableton Live
(to the day the best sofware !!) did that for a couple of years and then got in front of 1200’s myself well and the rest is lets say history !!
I now dj with a all digital setup (portability !!!) My love is House music #1 but I also love my hip-hop too so depending on the night the club and the crowd thats what you will here or maybe a little of both !!!!


Dj JrKiss

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