Techno House FM Friday ft. Justin Schumacher, Spektre, Tom Hades, ROD

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Another huge day of mixes this Friday on Techno House FM. Get the weekend started right here and rock out to the best techno on the net.

At 10 am we have a new episode of Elektronic Force 081 with Marco Bailey
01. Christopher Groove – Kettering (6am Brooklyn Mix)
02. Guti & Daniel Melingo – Busiki
03. Technasia – Heart Of Flesh [Cadenza]
04. Marco Bailey – Summer (Cuba Mix)
05. Steve Rachmad – Bling It Up
06. Reset Robot – Atelier
07. Carlo Lio – Keep Grooving [SCI+TEC]
08. Slam – The Pimp Convention [Paragraph]
09. Marco Bailey & Redhead – Beyond The Dust Path [MB Elektronics]
10. Doomwork – Independence
11. Eric Sneo – In Between
12. Marco Bailey & Dany Rodriguez – I See You There [Phobiq]

At 11 am we got Rhythm Converted Podcast 054 with Tom Hades

01. Sam Paganini – Eros [Drumcode]
02. Kalden Bess – Animal (Rino Cerrone Remix) [Ground Factory]
03. Mikael Jonasson – Prankster [Respekt]
04. On/Off – Plugh
05. Gabriel Ben – Abwesend (Axel Karakasis Remix) [Remain]
06. Erphun & Subfractal – Clones
07. Jay Lumen & Gary Beck – Lotus [Drumcode]
08. Bodyscrub – Another Level [Phobiq]
09. Chris Hope & Andre Walter – Second Skin [Driving Forces]
10. Tom Hades – Bon Voyage [Rhythm Converted]
11. Mark Reeve – Planet Green [Cocoon Recordings]
12. Mark Romboy – The Advent [Systematic Recordings]

Umek has another episode of Behind the Iron Curtain at noon.

01. Koen Groeneveld – Birdstrike [Abzolut (spinnin)]
02. Kernel Key – Coffee Break [Octopus]
03. Belocca and Pleasurekraft – Murdered Out [Suara]
04. Miguel Bastida – Just Be [Soundcloud]
05. Juan Ddd, Johan Dresser – Epidemia [Agile Encodings]
06. Axel Karakasis – Falls Down [Iamt]
07. Bodyscrub – Another Level [Phobiq]
08. Jay Lumen – Boomrush The Show [Great Stuff]
09. Thermo – The Real Food (Fer Br Remix) [Creators World]
10. David Amo and Julio Navas and Raul Mezcolanza – Frik [Fresco]
11. Egoism – Percussionist [Rusted]
12. Mario Ochoa – Conference [Avenue]
13. Kevin Andrews and Jason Chance – Twistin My Dubz [1605]
14. Anti – Slam and W.e.a.p.o.n. [Miniatures]
15. Oliver Giacomotto and David Amo and Julio Navas – Get Together [Definitive]
16. Slam – The Pimp Convention [Paragraph]
17. Phunk Investigation and Alex Di Stefano – Berimbau [Phunk Traxx]
18. Dj Sneak – Operation Sneak [Radical Fear]

At 1pm est. Chris Liebing presents CLR Podcast 174 – ROD

ROD is the Techno alter-ego of Rotterdam based Benny Rodrigues, currently one of the most popular and inspiring electronic music artists of the Netherlands. Known for his versatility, Benny has chosen this additional artist name to clearly define the more Techno oriented side of his musical identity. Since the first release on Ben Klock´s famous Klockworks imprint in the beginning of last year, ROD has not stopped touring and producing more of his very personal blend of stripped down, highly effective Techno. Many of the big players in the Techno community have taken notice of RODs impressive skills and he is releasing on several of today´s most acclaimed electronic music labels, such as M_nus Records, Soma Recordings and Hotflush Recordings, amongst others. Today ROD is actually releasing his first EP on CLR. It consists of two very functional and heavily road tested tracks entitled HGB and DTC. You can listen to HGB at the very end of this week´s podcast.
Tracklist ROD:

1. Ctrls- Socket (Token)
2. Gareth Wildey- Klona ‘Truncate Remix’ (Ear To Ground)
3. Floorplan- Altered Ego (M-Plant)
4. unknown- unknown (unknown)
5. Phase- Binary Opposition ‘Peter Van Hoesen Remix’ (Token)
6. Truncate- 36 ‘Jonas Kopp Remix’ (Developer)
7. Manzel- 02A (Manzel)
8. Traversable Wormhole- Closed Timelike Curve ‘Marcel Dettmann Remix’ (CLR)
9. Ritzi Lee- Reverse Process (Theory)
10. Rodhad- Newspeak (Grounded Theory)
11. Kretipleti- Kontamination (Coincidence)
12. Phase- Binary Opposition ‘Ben Klock Remix’ (Token)
13. Terence Fixmer- When The Sun (Electric Deluxe)
14. Counterpart- Implements (Field)
15. Juho Kusti- They Drive By Night (Deep Space Helsinki)
16. Jonas Kopp- Proteus (Deeply Rooted House)
17. ROD- HGB (CLR)

At 2pm we air a special mix from Spektre – Mutual Respekt 048 (Live at Off Sonar – Barcelona)

01. Spektre & Tom Hades – Respekt The Rhythm [Unsigned]
02. Marco Bailey – Intense Substance (Spektre Remix) [MB Elektronics]
03. Spektre – Turbine [Toolroom]
04. Tom Hades – Raverz [Unreleased]
05. Sasha Carassi – Inverse Addiction [Driving Forces]
06. Roberto Capuano – Sharpness [Analytic Trail]
07. Spektre – Erase The Tapes [Unreleased]
08. Secret Cinema & Kalden Bess – Pow Pow (Ben Sims Remix) [Ground Factory Records]
09. Spektre – Ghosts In The Machine [Unreleased]
10. Spektre – Lexicon Lost [1605]
11. Bodyscrub – Regular (Spektre’s Irregular Beast) [Driving Forces]

At 3pm Supreme by Spartaque #102

01. Marc Romboy – The Advent [Systematic Recordings]
02. Elay Lazutkin – Fuckin Rave [Neptuun City]
03. Daniel Portman & Stanley Ross – We All Came From The Dark [Unreleased Digital]
04. James Murray – Haunted Dreams [Whartone Records]
05. Miles Dyson, Aaren San – Zooloo (Pleasurekraft Remix) [Selected]
06. Sergio Trillini – Monstrument [IAMT]
07. Monica Dias – Bitch [Housewax Records]
08. Phunk Investigation – Falling Star [Miniaturesrec]
09. Realsortis – Cannot Pass (David Temessi Remix) [Resorted Recordings]
10. Ramon Tapia – The Cry [Say What? Recordings]
11. Ryan Davis – Beluga [Traum]

At 4pm est. DJ Reality guest hosts the Uptown Underground Experience.

At 5pm Justin Shumacher takes over the Uptown Underground Experience. Both Reality and Justin rocked the house last week in Brooklyn and this exclusive guest mix is no different.

At 6pm Nigel Richards is back with Techno Nation USA

At 7pm TechTribal takes over the airwaves with another edition of The Drum Train 006-Rodd Sim

At 8pm Dr. Hoffmann is back with another episode of Blind Spot.

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