Sound Function Friday feat. Alex Bau, Salvatore Polizzi, Tammela, DJ Reality, Bas Mody

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CLR Podcast 162 – Chris Liebing

Another huge Sound Function Friday on Kicking things off at 9am est. is a new edition of Chris Liebings CLR

A Live set from Chris Liebing from Time Warp! For those who did not make it there, we got Chris´ complete set for you as this week´s podcast. So in case you are up for some full on, banging set that includes quite a lot of extra snares, claps and hats, here we go. What you did miss out on though and what we can not deliver to you in the podcast, is next to the amazing vibe, decoration and production of this year´s Time Warp, the mind blowing visuals of our partner and friend OKTAform, which he created especially for Chris´ set. Maybe you can dig out some you tube videos to get a taste of it. And if you want to know more about Chris Liebing and the upcoming releases and events of his label CLR, please check out the web- and social media sites below. With massive thanks for all your support, from Chris Liebing and the whole CLR team!

Marco Bailey Elektronic Force Techno House FM

At 10am we have a set from Marco Bailey Electronik Force 069.

Alex Bau Techno House FM

At 11am est. Alex Bau is back with his new April edition of Wassabi Tunes

At 12pm est. Umek brings us episode 39 of Behind the Iron Curtain

Kittball Records is back with a new show at 1 pm est. ft. a mix from Salvatore Polizzi.

At 2pm est.the Techno House Mafia show First up is a special guest mix from DJ Tammela followed up by DJ Elevation Techno House Mafia 005.

At 4pm est. DJ Reality takes over the Uptown Underground Experience broadcasting straight from New York City.

Dr. Hoffmann Blindspot Techno House FM

At 8pm est. we head back to Germany for another edition Blindspot 129 ft. Bas Mody

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