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Nicko Vee
Born in 1984, works as a DJ since 2001 and has been inspired by various genres of the electronic music till today.
Most of these inspirations derive from house music of 90’s and early 00’s.

DJ Sets
Nicko Vee’s dj sets could be described as deep, dub, atmospheric or sometimes groovy with a significantly delicate and sensual element.

The music that Nicko Vee produces is intense deep, dub and atmospheric creation bringing on gentle mood, mixed feelings and numerous
pictures in mind.

March 2008: he released his first EP titled Sentiment of Colors and started working as a music producer and remixer.

January 2010: he released his first album titled Music Box after several EPs and remixes.

He produces for various music labels worldwide such as Regular (Spain), Tanzbar (Germany) and Next Dimension Music (USA).

His inspiration is mainly unpredictable and could be influenced by the most improbable things and circumstances.

Nicko Vee unveils some quality dj sets with Rompcast. Find more at

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Rompcast 002: Nicko Vee
Rompcast 001: Simina Grigoriu

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